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We are the Canadian Coast Guard
The Canadian Coast Guard is the leading maritime authority in the country and operates 24/7 in some of the most challenging conditions on the earth to provide services that are critical to safety, security and economic growth.
Transcript: "We are the Canadian Coast Guard"

Transcript: "We are the Canadian Coast Guard"

Video length: 2:35 minutes

Fade in. Swooping shot over top of a coastline with the waves crashing into the shore.

The 3D title “We Are The Canadian Coast Guard” appears on the water and the camera view flies through it.

Music fades in

Narrator: We are the Red and White…

Overhead shot of CCGS Henry Larsen breaking ice in Newfoundland.

Narrator: …114 ships, 21 helos, and 4,500 members working round the clock to protect and secure 243,000 kilometres of Canada’s vast and rugged coastline — the largest in the world.

Two Rescue Specialists drive a Fast Rescue Craft in front of white capped mountains in the Strait of Georgia. A Bell 429 flies through the screen. A deckhand wraps a rope on the deck of CCGS Henry Larsen. An engineer on CCGS Henry Larsen welds in the one of the ship’s workshop. A Marine Communications and Technology Services officer works at her station. A navigator makes measurements using a compass and a chart on the bridge of CCGS Griffon. An instructor and student are seen working together in a classroom at the Canadian Coastguard College. A CCG member is seen participating in a fall arrest exercise. A Canadian Coast Guard Lighthouse is seen from above.

Narrator: We are first responders…

Four CCG members are seen leaving dock onboard the Cape Kuper.

Narrator: …the foundation of Canada’s immense maritime search and rescue system, and the best response regime in the world, saving an average of 15 lives a day.

The Cape Kuper is seen driving at full speed on the ocean. A Rescue Specialist drives a Fast Rescue Craft in a pacing exercise.Two Rescue Specialists reach out for a person in the water during a Search and Rescue exercise. Two Rescue Specialists pull a person up out of the water on to a Fast Recue Craft using ropes, with the Cape Kuper in the background. Close-up of the two Rescue Specialists bringing the person into the FRC.

Narrator: We are standing guard…

An MCTS officer is seen speaking on the radio at a workstation.

Narrator: ...monitoring 1,233 vessel movements each day across the country thanks to our highly skilled Marine Communications and Traffic Services Officers and Integrated Technical Services personnel.

Two MCTS officers work together on a computer at a workstation.

Two Information Technology Services run diagnostic tests while sitting at computers inside a micro tower station. A panning shot of an Information Technology Services engineer working on an electronics panel.

Four MCTS officers are seen having a meeting in the Quebec City MCTS office.

Two Information Technology Services officers are seen climbing a micro tower with a CCG helicopter on the ground in the background. A panning shot of the Information Technology Services officers conducting a maintenance check at the top of a microwave tower. A panning shot of a microwave tower from the ground to the top of the tower.

Narrator: We are environmental stewards

Four CCG members are seen on a dock wearing life vests and CCG uniforms.

Three CCG members drive a FRC with trees and mountains in the background.

A close-up of an Environmental Response Officer demonstrating how a skidder is used to collect oil out of water.

Narrator: We are active in indigenous and coastal communities…

CCG members and CCG Auxiliary members are seen at a meeting.

Narrator: …building partnerships and empowering Indigenous peoples to take an active role in increasing the safety and security of their waters.

CCG members and CCG Auxiliary members are seen signing and organizing papers. A CCG Auxiliary member is seen holding a CCG plaque. A CCG Auxiliary member is seen speaking at a meeting. A CCG member and CCG Auxiliary member are seen shaking hands in a knife ceremony.

Narrator: We keep the Canadian economy moving…

A close up of CCGS Henry Larsen’s bow breaking ice followed by an overhead shot of the CCGS Henry Larsen moving through the ice.

Narrator: keeping shipping routes clear of ice and facilitating the safe and efficient transport of more than 470 million tons of cargo transiting through Canadian ports each year.

A shot from the air approaching CCGS Henry Larsen from the aft. An aerial shot CCGS Henry Larsen breaking ice. CCGSHenry Larsen is seen leading two ships through an ice field. An aerial shot of CCGS Henry Larsen creating a channel in the ice for a ferry in Newfoundland. An overhead shot of CCGS Henry Larsen breaking ice.

Narrator: We are welders, machinists, technicians, carpenters and electricians…

CCG member is seen painting a buoy in a paint booth.

Narrator:… Maintaining and repairing equipment and systems onshore that keep our organization moving offshore 24/7/365.

A panning shot of a welder spot welding. A panning shot of a machinist taking apart an engine. A panning shot of a shop worker grinding metal. A machinist screwing together a piece of equipment. An electrician repairing a lightbulb. An electrician working on an electrical panel. A shop worker hosing down a buoy in a shop.

Narrator: We are innovators…

A close-up of a CCG light keeper  holding up a light bulb.

Narrator: …transforming the Canadian Coast Guard into a strong, proactive Agency under the government’s Oceans Protection Plan.

A panning shot from the inside of a lighthouse to the expansive coastline.

Narrator: We are a key partner…

A Joint Rescue Coordination Centre Officer is seen speaking on the phone at a workstation.

Narrator: …working collaboratively with our partners to support enforcement by identifying threats and  providing the ships, helicopters and people to help them do their jobs.

A panning shot of a JRCC Officer moving from one computer screen to another. A JRCC Officer moves around magnets representing CCG vessels on a big map.

A chopper pilot is seen touching buttons inside the cockpit of a CCG helicopter. CCGS Sir Wilfrid Laurier is seen at dock in Victoria from the air.

Narrator: We are critical to Canada…

Three Rescue Specialists make a transfer from a FRC to CCGS Mink during a pacing exercise.

Narrator:…taking a proactive, take charge approach to emergencies, pollution, and vessels of concern along the world’s longest coastline.

An aerial shot of CCGS Henry Larsen breaking ice. The shadow of a helicopter can be seen.

A helicopter is being driven into a storing garage while CCGS Sir Wilfrid Laurier is seen in the background.

Narrator: We are courageous.

A close up of a CCG member in a hardhat and high visibility vest on the deck of a ship.

Narrator: We are dedicated.

A close up of a CCG member in uniform standing in front of a chart.

Narrator: We are the Canadian Coast Guard.

A close up of a CCG member in a life vest standing in front of a bunch of buoys on the dock.

Background fades to black, the copyright message “ Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, represented by Canadian Coast Guard, 2017.” is displayed followed by the Canada wordmark.

Coast Guard's vessels and helicopters stand ready to respond to Search and Rescue, Environmental Response, Icebreaking, and to maintain maritime security along the world's longest coastline and inland waterway.
The Coast Guard operates out of three regions, (Western, Central and Arctic, and Atlantic) national headquarters located in Ottawa and the Canadian Coast Guard College located in Sydney, NS.

Our assets



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Fixed and floating aids to navigation

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Marine communication towers

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Coast Guard assets include: 114 vessels, 23 helicopters, approximately 17 000 fixed and floating aids to navigation, and 183 marine communication towers across Canada.

The Coast Guard's mandate derives from the Oceans Act, the Canada Shipping Act and the Constitutional Act, 1867. The Constitutional Act, 1867 gives the Federal government exclusive legislative authority over navigation, shipping, beacons, buoys, lighthouses and sable island.

The Oceans Act and the Canada Shipping Act give the Coast Guard its specific mandate. Parliament has mandated the Coast Guard to play the lead role in ensuring that our waterways are safe and accessible, and to provide services for the economical and efficient movement of ships.

Our partners

The CCG also supports the non-military activities of other government departments and agencies by providing vessels, aircraft, marine expertise, and other maritime services:
Department of National Defence; Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade; Environment Canada; Health Canada; Natural Resources Canada; Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council; Public Safety Canada (Royal Canadian Mounted Police); Canadian Security Intelligence Service and Transport Canada.
"As Commissioner of the Canadian Coast Guard, it’s my pleasure to welcome you to one of Canada’s most revered institutions. Whether you have worked in the public service before or not, you will quickly discover that this is a workplace like no other. The strength of our organization is reliant on the talent and passion of our members — our Coasties.

Your work here will directly influence the lives of Canadians. You may be an officer heading out to sea on one of our beautiful red and white vessels, a communications officer working on highlighting our achievements to Canadians, or a dispatcher who will answer distress calls as part of a life-saving chain. You may be doing any number of other important duties necessary to keep this engine humming. All these moving parts complete the whole, which is a living and breathing testament to the power of taking an active role, being doers, and being passionate about the work that we do.

It’s an exciting time to be joining the Canadian Coast Guard. The government’s newly-announced Oceans Protection Plan is a bold statement that reinforces our critical leadership role in marine safety and security. We’re the experts — Canadians count on us in matters of life and death, and we answer the call when our environment comes under threat. We relish this responsibility. We’re pleased to welcome you to an organization that can proudly say that it saves an average of 13 lives per day. We are — and now you are — the Canadian Coast Guard.

When I tell people about the Canadian Coast Guard, I like to say “If you can serve, you can serve here.” I thank you for your decision to serve. Here’s hoping our organization is the last port of call in your career."

Jeffery Hutchinson