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Annotate Feature in Zoom

Annotate Feature in Zoom

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Challenge: “I love the annotate feature on Zoom where students can draw and stamp on the Zoom screen. What are some ways to use it in a lesson?” 

Tip: The annotate feature is a great way to engage students to check for understanding and participation.  Always start with a quick explanation of how to use the feature before you proceed with an activity.  Here are some activities that you can use it for within a lesson: 

  1. Hook: “Choose a Side” – put two opposing viewpoints about the day’s subject matter on a PowerPoint slide.  Have students stamp the viewpoint they most agree with.  Ask students why they choose that particular side. 
  2. Icebreaker: “How’s the Weather?” – this works great if you have students from multiple countries/regions.  Put 5-6 different images of weather scenes on a PowerPoint slide (e.g., rainy, sunny, cloudy, snowy, etc.).  Have students stamp which weather they are currently experiencing where they are learning from.  Have some students share where they are and what the weather is like. 
  3. Test Review: “Dotmocracy” – before a test, put up a list of topics on a PowerPoint and ask students to stamp the top 3 topics they would like you to review with the whole class. 
  4. Consolidation Activity: “Ranking Definitions” – partway through or at the end of a lecture, put a list of 4-5 similar definitions for a concept you are working through.  Have the students stamp the definition that best explains the concept as you are teaching it. 

For more information on how to use Zoom’s annotation tools, click here. 

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