Class Progress

Class Progress

Class Progress tracks your learners’ overall progress as a class and individually across indicators which the instructor can change by clicking on settings. You can use the Class Progress tool to view your student’s progress on any of the following:

  • Content Visited Summary: The Content Visited Summary indicator shows how many content topics each student has accessed by navigating within the Content tool. If users navigate to an activity outside of the Content tool (for instance, by using the navbar) it does not count as a visit.
  • Assignments Performance Summary: The Assignments Performance Summary indicates the current average on all submission folders as well as a visualization of the scores of the last 15 items. Hover over each bar for additional details about the folders.
  • Login History (Last 30 days): The Login History indicator displays the number of logins to the system for the last 30 days.
  • Grades Performance Summary: The Grades Performance Summary indicator presents the current final grade for the student, as well as a visualization of the scores of the last 15 items. Hovering over each bar provides additional details for the grades.
  • Checklist Completion Summary: The Checklist Completion Summary indicator displays how the learner is progressing through the assigned course checklists. Highlighted items indicate items that are due within the next 7 days.
  • Discussions Participation Summary: The Discussion Participation Summary indicator presents user statistics for reading, posting, and responding to discussions.
  • Objectives Completion Summary: The Objectives Completion Summary indicator illustrates each student’s progression through the assigned objectives.
  • Quiz Performance Summary: The Quiz Performance Summary indicator presents the current average on all quizzes as well as a visualization of the scores of the last 15 items. Hovering over each bar provides additional details for the quiz.
  • Survey Completion Summary The Survey Completion Summary indicator displays the learner’s progression through the assigned surveys in the course.

Using the Class Progress tool

1. From the navbar, click Progress > Class Progress.

2. Optional: You may filter class participants based on membership in groups or sections.

using the class progress tool
Class Progress filter and settings location.

3. Optional: You may adjust which performance indicators display to you in the table on the main Class Progress dashboard by clicking the settings icon.


    By default, the following performance indicators appear from left to right: Content, Objectives, Logins, and Grades. Click on the chevron next to the indicator you would like to move down or replace. When you are done, Save and Close.


    Login History indicates when the learner logged into Brightspace, not the course.

4. All course participants will appear in the chart.


    The students’ performance results for the listed indicators will display in the chart. Clicking on any area of this chart will bring you to the individual learner’s User Progress area.


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