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Common questions on the Surveys Tool

Common questions on the Surveys Tool

This article is part of the LMS WEEKLY UPDATE series.

A new menu item has been recently added to the Activities menu on the course navigation bar and it is a direct link to the Surveys tool. This tool has lot of potential and it is a useful way to gather anonymous and non-anonymous feedback from your students, and also help you gain insight in how your students rate your course.

How do I create a survey?

The Surveys Tool is accessible from the Activities menu or from the Tools menu/Course Admin/Surveys. Watch this video for step by step instructions.

I would like an easy and quick way to add questions to a survey. You have the option to add the survey questions one by one during the survey creation, but we recommend you creating the questions first in the Question library and then import them to the survey. A quick way to add questions to the Question library is by using the Test Question Generator.

I need to run a survey, but it is important to view the student names.

Unlike the survey tool we used in the previous LMS, the Brightspace Surveys tool allows you to gather non-anonymous feedback from your students. By default, a new survey is non anonymous, unless you check the “make results anonymous” from the Properties tab. Note that once you make a survey anonymous, you can NOT go back and change your mind. You will need to delete it and then create a new one.

How can I preview the survey before I make it available to my students?

Go to Activities/Surveys, click on the quick menu for the survey and then on Preview.

How do my students access the survey?

Your students have access to your surveys from Activities/Surveys. You could also create a link to a survey from within the Content area (go to a module under Content and click on the Existing Activities/Surveys – Note this is just a link to the survey.)

How do I view the results of a survey?

Go to Activities/Surveys, click on the chevron for the survey and choose Statistics. For anonymous surveys you will view the overall results page for all the attempts of all students. If the survey is not anonymous, you will view the attempts of each participant separately.

How do I share the survey results with my students or print them?

You will have the option to create multiple reports of the survey. Go to Activities/Surveys, edit your survey and click on the Add Report from the Reports Setup tab. Choose what you would like to view in the report, when you would like the report released, and also what role you would like to release the report to (learner, teaching assistant, etc ). To access the reports of the survey you will need to use the survey quick menu (arrow next to survey and then Reports). To view and print a report, you will also have the option to download it to Excel and print it from there.


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