Course Content Elements

Course Content Elements

In this article the elements within the Content section of your course are outlined.
Click on Content to view the area where your course material is displayed to students. You will see the course menu on the left-hand side and the content area to the right. The content area spans the larger part of your screen.

Note: The Overview, Bookmarks and Course Schedule modules cannot be removed and will always be available to students.


The Overview module is an area where you can include a brief description of your course or a welcome message for students.

Course content overview
Course content overview


Students can bookmark pages they would like to return to by clicking the bookmark icon. They return to these pages through the Bookmarks area.

Course Schedule

The Course Schedule is fed by the Brightspace Calendar and gives students a brief overview of course-specific due dates and events.

Table of Contents

The Table of Contents is where all of your course material will be listed by module. You can add and remove modules as you build and edit your course. We recommend putting important course information, including your Course Section Information (CSI) and course outline, in a module called Course Information and adding weekly content, assignments, and quizzes to separate modules titled Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 and so on. This will ensure simple and consistent navigation for students.

Course's table of contents
Course’s table of contents


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