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DLE Weekly Update: Answers to Common Questions this past Week


DLE Weekly Update: Answers to Common Questions this past Week

Posted on Friday, March 04, 2022

Brightspace Tips – Answers to Common Questions this past Week

  • Q: How do I copy a quiz between two courses?
    A: Use the Course Copy process and, rather than copying everything, use the Select Course Components and choose the quiz you need to copy over. This KB article Copying ONLY One Quiz to Another Course Offering describes the process in detail.
  • Q: Some of my students can not access their group assignments. Is there any easy way to view the groups’ enrolment at once and make sure they are ALL enrolled in a group?
     On the Manage Group page, from the contextual menu for the group category, select Enrol Users. The next screen will display all your students on one page, and the groups they belong to. This view will help you quickly identify students who are not part of any group. Click here for more tips on Groups. 
  • Q: Can I post an announcement visible ONLY to the students who have not submitted yet to an assignment?
     When creating your course announcement, under Additional Release Conditions, click on the Create and Attach button. Select the No submission to folder menu option, and then choose the assignment. The announcement will be visible ONLY to the students who have not submitted it, and it will also be sent as an email ONLY to those students. Make sure you use Replace Strings in the announcement for a personalized message.
  • Q: I would like my students to record a video when posting a discussion thread or replying to one. Is it possible?
  • A: Students can use Video notes (up to 30 minutes long) in discussion threads and replies, as well as in other locations where they have access to the HTML editor when creating and submitting work in Brightspace. However, be mindful of the fact that students use a variety of computers and devices that may or may not have built-in (or correctly installed) webcams.
  • Q: I am wondering how many learners have visited a particular module or topic in my Brightspace course.
  • A: You have all this great info available to you from the Content menu, on the course navigation bar. By going to the Table of Contents, and then choosing View Reports option from the Related Tools menu, you can view how many users have visited a particular module or topic, and also the average time spent. To view statistics for a particular student, go to the Users tab and click on the student’s name.

Emergency Support Week (Final Exams for Winter 2022)

Due to staffing issues, the Digital Learning Environment (DLE) team will NOT be able to cover the extended 7 am-10 pm emergency support window this semester (Winter 2022).

Last semester (Fall 2021) no emergency calls from instructors came in after 5 pm, or over the 2 weekends (5 interactions happened during that time and none were emergencies).

Prior to the exam week, the DLE team will communicate through the upcoming DLE Weekly Updates ways to solve common issues that have been reported to date (how to reset a quiz attempt, how to allow an extra attempt, what to do if a learner cannot submit their quiz attempt, how to make a quiz available, how to troubleshoot Zoom issues, etc). These issues can be avoided with proper preparation and testing. Of these reported issues, only the issues with the quiz availability and Zoom require immediate intervention. However, most Zoom issues have to do with the learner’s connection and cannot be fixed by DLE.

During the exam week, the DLE team will use the case management system as the only point of access to emergency support. Instructors can send an emergency email to brightspace@algonquincollege.com with their phone number and will receive a call back as soon as possible, between 8 am and 5 pm. The DLE team will NOT be taking direct phone calls during this time. A banner will be displayed in Brightspace during the exam week with this procedure.

For any questions on this, please contact Michel Marcheterre, Digital Learning Environment Strategist, at marchem@algonquincollege.com.

Reminder: If you need to familiarize yourself with quizzes and assignments in Brightspace, check the Common Questions Before, During, and After an Online Exam, and Common Questions on the Assignments Tool.

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