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DLE Weekly Update: Exams and Spring Courses

DLE Weekly Update: Exams and Spring Courses

Posted on Thursday, April 14th,  2022

Reminder: Emergency Support Week (Final Exams for Winter 2022)

Due to staffing issues, the Digital Learning Environment (DLE) team will NOT be able to cover the extended 7 am-10 pm emergency support window this semester (Winter 2022).

Last semester (Fall 2021) no emergency calls from instructors came in after 5 pm, or over the 2 weekends (5 interactions happened during that time and none were emergencies).

Prior to the exam week, the DLE team will communicate through the upcoming DLE Weekly Updates ways to solve common issues that have been reported to date (how to reset a quiz attempt, how to allow an extra attempt, what to do if a learner cannot submit their quiz attempt, how to make a quiz available, how to troubleshoot Zoom issues, etc). These issues can be avoided with proper preparation and testing. Of these reported issues, only the issues with the quiz availability and Zoom require immediate intervention. However, most Zoom issues have to do with the learner’s connection and cannot be fixed by DLE.

During the exam week, the DLE team will use the case management system as the only point of access to emergency support. Instructors can send an emergency email to brightspace@algonquincollege.com with their phone number and will receive a call back as soon as possible, between 8 am and 5 pm. The DLE team will NOT be taking direct phone calls during this time. A banner will be displayed in Brightspace during the exam week with this procedure.

For any questions on this, please contact Michel Marcheterre, Digital Learning Environment Strategist, at marchem@algonquincollege.com.

Useful Articles on Quizzes and Assignments

Our Knowledge Base contains multiple great articles and videos on all you need to know about setting up an exam (using the Quizzes or the Assignments tools). Also, please email us at brightspace@algonquincollege.com, if you have any questions that are not covered in our articles

2022 Spring/Summer courses now Available

Read here the Common Questions at the Beginning of the Semester article.

Before you copy course content to your 22S courses, please have a look at these KB articles:


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