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DLE Weekly Update: Turnitin, PIE and Email Address for Brightspace Support

DLE Weekly Update: Turnitin, PIE and Email Address for Brightspace Support

*Posted on Friday, January 29th, 2021

Turnitin in Brightspace

Turnitin is an originality checking and plagiarism prevention service that checks your student papers for citation mistakes or inappropriate copying. Through the integration with Brightspace and the use of a Brightspace Assignment, Turnitin allows you to check for plagiarism using the Originality Check tool, and also to provide feedback and in-line comments on student assignments using the GradeMark tool.

The Originality Check tool helps you identify the plagiarism by automatically comparing your student submissions to an online database of original content. Originality Reports are made available to you and your students (if you choose to), highlighting key areas, and showing a breakdown of matching sources, with direct links to the matching content.

The Grade Mark tool allows you to make comments on student submissions, offering you unique features,  such as pre-written comments (QuickMarks).

Turnitin can be used as both a plagiarism tool and an educational tool, as it helps students understand the proper use of quotation marks, how to cite sources properly, and how to paraphrase.

Helpful articles/videos on Turnitin:

Note: Subscribe to Turnitin updates if you would like to be notified by email when there is a Turnitin service disruption.

Product Idea Exchange (PIE)

The Product Idea Exchange (PIE) allows you to share your ideas for improvement and vote for those you would like to see developed. To contribute to PIE, visit the Product Idea Exchange website.

If you would like to see a list of current PIE Items that have been up-voted by you, and also the items that the committee previously voted up and were implemented by D2L, check our LMS Website.

Note: To access and up-vote PIE items, you will first need to register to be part of the Brightspace Community here: https://community.brightspace.com/SelfRegistration.

Reminder – The ONLY Email Address for Brightspace Support 

We would like to remind you that Faculty and Staff should be using only the brightspace@algonquincollege.com address when asking for Brightspace Support. In order to make sure that your email reaches us, and we provide the help you need, please take a moment to delete all other emails that contain the word brightspace from your address book. Note that, when emailing the correct email address for Brightspace Support, you will receive an automatic reply with your case number.

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