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Enroling Users in a Course

Enroling Users in a Course

This article describes the process that can be used by instructors to enrol learners, teaching assistants or other instructors to their course.

1. From within your course select Tools > Classlist.

2. Click on Add Participants > Add Existing Users.

Add users
Add users

3. In the search box, type the name of the user you wish to add to the course and click on the magnifying glass. 

4. Click on the checkbox to the left of the user’s name.

5. Select a Role and a Section (if applicable).

6. Click the blue Enrol Selected Users button.

7. Click Done or if you wish to add additional users to your course, click on the Add more participants button.

Enrolling a student as a Learner
Enroling a student as a Learner


Users who do not have an Algonquin account cannot be added to a course in Brightspace.  If a new user requires an Algonquin network account, you will need to make that request through ITS.  Please take a look at our How can I contact ITS page for more information on how to reach ITS for support.

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