Export Course Components

Export Course Components

This article shows instructors the steps to follow when they desire to export a course or components of a course from within Brightspace.
If you’d like to copy components from another course within Algonquin College, refer to our Copy a Course or Course Components article.
If you’re looking to import a course to Brightspace refer to our Import Course Components article.

Instructors that wish to use their course in another LMS or simply export their course to have a backup may follow the steps outlined below.

1. From the course you desire to export from, go to Tools > Course Admin

2. Click on Import/Export/Copy Components. A new page will load.

Accessing the Export menu
Accessing the Export menu

3. From the list, select one of the following

  • Export as Brightspace Package: The Brightspace Package is the standard export for Brightspace LMS, it contains all the necessary resources you need to share your course with another Brightspace site.
  • Export as Common Cartridge: The Common Cartridge describes a set of open standards for content, assessment, and digital content that allows publishers and content creators to create LMS-independent course packages.
  • Export as Thin Common Cartridge: The Thin Common Cartridge standard is a subset of Common Cartridge developed to package Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) Links, Web Links, and metadata.
    • Note: Export as Thin Common Cartridge will only export External Links and LTI items.

4. Click Start. A new page will load.

Choosing the Export type
Choosing the Export type

5. Select the course material you wish to export by checking the boxes and selecting if you wish to export all items or individual items for each category.

6. Click Continue.

7. Verify that the desired components are being exported. Click Continue.

    Note: You may choose to include course files to your export the package here.

8. Click Export. A new page will load.

9. Click on Done and wait for Brightspace to prepare your Export Package.

10. When you receive the notification, click on the notification icon.

11. In your notification tray, click on the Export Finished item. A new page will load.

Accessing Export Package
Accessing Export Package

12. Click on the URL that reads Click here to download the export Zip package

13. Once your course is downloaded, click on Done.


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