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Grading Discussions

Grading Discussions

This article describes a method to streamline the grading of discussions by using the search options within the ‘Enter Grades’ feature in the grade book

Why Use ‘Enter Grades’?

The Enter Grades option in the grade book page provides the most possible options for grading in one location. It allows you to:

    a. See who has or has not made a submission (sometimes found in the right hand column if a rubric is not attached).
    b. Enter a numerical grade for each student.
    c. Filter grade views based on a variety of search options.
Main components of 'Enter Grades'
Main components of ‘Enter Grades’


Streamlining the Grading Process for Discussions

When you click on the submission icon (a) for a discussion post or quiz, a pop-up window will launch in which you will complete your grading.
When you Save and Close in this window, the Enter Grades page will refresh.

    Note: the Grade Item and the Discussion Topic must be associated to each other via the gradebook.

To streamline the process you can do the following:

1. Go to Grades on your course.

2. Click on the chevron next to the item to grade and select Enter Grades. This will load a new page.

Accessing 'Enter Grades'
Accessing ‘Enter Grades’

3. Scroll down and Click on Show Search Options

4. Select the box “Feedback” and choose Users without Feedback from the drop-down

5. Click the magnifying glass to enable the search setting.

    This will allow you to continuously grade those students that have not received feedback.
Setting view to "Users without feedback"
Setting view to “Users without feedback”

6. When you’re done, click on Save and Close


How to Publish All Grades and Feedback Together

Once you are done saving your discussion grades and feedback you can ensure that these have been published to the gradebook and delivered to the students:

1. Go to Activities > Discussions in the navbar.

2. Scroll to the Discussion Topic that you are grading, click the chevron by its title and click Assess Topic.

3. Click on Publish All Scores to Grades.


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