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Use Case: Group Activities

Group Activities

You can do group assignments in a variety of ways in Brightspace but the assignment type you use depends on what you mean by ‘group’. 

Group Assignment

If you select the Assignment Type to be ‘group’ you can select some pre-created groups from inside your Brightspace course. A group assignment essentially counts as 1 submission/performance etc from a group, who will all get the same grade and feedback.

You can chose what assignment type you want – file, text, in person, on paper – and when you come to mark you can filter by group and provide feedback/grades that will go to all members.


File Submission: Seminar notes, projects, team activities, reports.

In person: performances, presentations, debates/discussions.

Peer Assessment

There is no native way to get peers to assess each other in Brightspace, unless you use Bongo’s video assignments. With the free version of video assignments you can do peer review through individual assignments – students can submit either videos or documents and choose to peer assess others. With Bongo premium, you can peer assess any of the assignment types, although if you want to peer assess documents, you can use individual or group project.


Education: Peer reviewing essay drafts, group projects, reviewing presentations,

Corporate: Peer feedback on pitches and demonstration, problem solving, leadership development, professional qualification peer review.

Check out this article in the community – A Guide to Coaching Students for Effective Peer Review for any tips on phrasing and preparation.

Group activities are a great way to encourage soft skills, team building, and get some formative feedback from peers. However, learners will often want to reflect on their peer feedback or what they’ve learnt, so you may want to learn how to do reflective activities through assignments.

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