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How can I contact ITS?

How can I Contact ITS?

There are many ways to contact ITS to get help with your IT problems. Start at the top of this list to find the best match for your needs.

Get help at ITS Help Centre

Before you contact ITS, check the ITS Help Centre for an answer to your issue. It is available to you at all hours and there is no waiting in line.
When searching for a solution, keep it short and use the main words that describe the service you need help with such as “staff printer problem” or “wireless in residence“. Note: Try wording your issue in different ways if you don’t see the search results you expect.
Alternately you can select the buttons in the middle of the page that are for staff, students, or new students. These link to articles by category that solve the most common issues.

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Get help on the web

If you cannot find your solution on the ITS Help Centre, scroll to the bottom of the web page and select Submit Support Request on the left. This opens a form so you can submit a support case. Your case will automatically go into the ITS support system, and you will receive an email that your case has been opened. ITS staff will contact you to help you resolve your issue.
Please be patient as it may take 24 hours Monday to Friday to get back to you.

Note: Your last ITS Help Centre search text will be the subject of form to save you some typing.

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Get help over email

You can contact ITS via email at 5555@algonquincollege.com. Please be patient as it may take up to 24 hours Monday to Friday to get back to you.


    • Please do not send the email to a long list of people when emailing ITS.


Get help over the telephone

You can contact ITS by calling one of the following numbers. If you are internal, just use the extension. For hours of operation, see Where are the ITS Service Desk locations?

  • Woodroffe campus – (613) 727-4723 ext. 5555
  • Pembroke campus – (613) 735-4700 ext. 5555
  • Perth campus – (613) 267-2859 ext. 5256


    Contacting ITS over the telephone is ideal for urgent issues. For other less urgent issues, one of the other methods may be more appropriate.


    If you are calling about a problem with classroom equipment, please call eClassroom Support at x2500.

Get help in person

You can go to the ITS Service Desk to get help in person. There is a service desk at each campus. For the Service Desk at your campus and its hours, see Where are the ITS Service Desk locations?


Need to contact us for support?

If you have problems with these steps, or if you’re getting an error message, please contact ITS for assistance – How can I contact ITS?

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