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How to Create a File in Content

How to Create a File in Content

This article includes step-by-step instructions on how to create a file in a content module.  Instructors can create these using document templates provided, and students view these as webpages within Brightspace.  Add in text, photos, videos and additional web links to content. 

      1. Select Content from the Navbar.

      2. Ensure you have a content module created, such as Week 1.  Select the name of the content module you’d like the file created in.

     3. Select the Upload / Create button and choose Create a File from the drop down.

Image displays where to select create a file.
Select Create a File

      4. Enter a title for the file.  This is what will display in the module for students to click on.

      5. Select the Select a Document Template button if you prefer to fill in a template with your information.  Select this option prior to entering text as this will override what you have written in the text box below.  When choosing a template, remove the existing text and photos, and replace with your own.  

      6. Alternative to the template option, enter text, photos, videos, web links and more into the text box.  

      7. Press the Save and Close button when finished.

Image displays where to select a template.
Choose a Template (optional)

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