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How to Edit a Zoom Recording

How to Edit a Zoom Recording

These step-by-step instructions provide instructors with the process to trim the beginning and/or the ending of Zoom recordings saved to the cloud.  When removing a portion of the beginning and/or ending of the Zoom recording, viewers will be able to watch the recording only within the set playback range through the shared link.  The original recording will not be affected.

      1. Sign in to Zoom.us using your email and password.

Image displays where to sign into Zoom.us
Sign into Zoom.us

      2. Select Recordings on the left bar.

      3. Select the appropriate meeting title under the Topic list.  Change the dates to display previous recordings not on the list.

Image displays where to select recording.
Select Recording

      4. Press the Play icon in the center of the recording image.

Image displays to press the play button.
Press Play Button

      5. Press the Scissors icon on the bottom right of the screen, when the video displays.

Image displays to press the scissors button.
Press Scissors Button

      6. Select the play arrows on the beginning and/or ending of the recording to the desired start and finish times.  Press the Save button.

Image displays where to trim recording.
Trim Recording

      7. Return to the main Zoom screen.  Select the Copy shareable link button.  Provide this link to students through Brightspace.

Image displays where to copy new link for students.
Copy Link for Students

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