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How to Import a Survey

How to Import a Survey

This article includes step-by-step instructions for instructors on how to import a survey from one course to another.

      1. Select Tools > Course Admin from the course you’d like the survey copied into.

      2. Select Import / Export / Copy Components.

Image displays where to access importing contents.
Select Import / Export / Copy Components

      3. Select the Search for Offering button.

Image displays where to search for course offering.
Select Search for Offering

      4. In the pop up window, type the course code where the survey currently is located, then press Search.

      5. Select the appropriate course.

      6. Press the Add Selected button.

Image displays how to select appropriate course.
Select the Appropriate Course.

      7. Press the Select Components button on the bottom of the screen.

Image displays how to select components button.
Select Components Button.

      8. Scroll to the bottom of the next screen and select “Select individual items to copy”.

      9. Press Continue.

Image displays to press continue.
Select Individual Items to Copy.

      10. Press the “+” icon beside “Surveys without a category” and from the options, choose the survey(s) you’d like to copy.

      11. Press Continue.

Image displays to select appropriate survey.
Select the Appropriate Survey.

      12. Decide if you’d like to offset dates; otherwise, choose Continue.

Image displays to select the finish button.
Select Finish Button.

      13. The survey will copy in the current course.   To access the survey, select the Content tab at the top, and choose the module you’d like the survey loaded into.

      14. Press the Existing Activities button and choose Surveys from the drop down.

Image displays to add survey to content module.
Add Survey to Content Module

      15. Select the appropriate survey and it will load into the module automatically.

Ensure you verify date availability of the survey as it will remain the dates set in the previous course.

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