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How to Use H5P

How to Use H5P

There are many resources available for how to use H5P. For activity specific tutorials, check out the Tutorials for Authors webpage created by H5P.

Please keep in mind that while H5P has some amazing activities, not all of them are accessible. Consider using activities on our H5P Accessible Activities list or creating alternatives so that all learners have access to your content.

Using H5P in Brightspace

1. In Brightspace under Content, click on the Existing Activities button. Click H5P Quicklink.

Accessing H5P Quicklink
Accessing H5P Quicklink


2. Click Add Content and create your activity. It will appear in the My Content section once created.

Creating H5P Activity
Creating H5P Activity

3. Once you create your activity, go to its LTI Settings at the bottom of the screen. Under Choose when to send scores to the LMS, select the option that suites your activity best.

  • First Attempt, Last Attempt and Best Attempt will make this a graded activity and will create a grade column for you. You must modify the scoring of this activity in grades manually.
  • Do not send score will make it an ungraded activity.
Setting LTI for Grades
Setting LTI for Grades

4. Click Save and Insert. This will insert the activity into Brightspace.



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