Import Course Components

Import Course Components

This article shows instructors how to import courses from other organizations that use Brightspace or other compatible Learning Management Systems.
If you’d like to copy components from another course within Algonquin College, refer to our Copy Components From Another Org Unit article.

If you’re looking to export a course from Brightspace refer to our Export Course Components article

To import a course that has already been exported follow the steps below.

1. Click Tools > Course Admin in the navbar of the course which you want to import content into.

    Note: You can also access Import/Export/Copy Components from the gear icon on the top right corner of Brightspace.

2. Click on Import/Export/Copy Components. A new page will load.

3. Click Import Components on the Import/Export/Copy Components page.

Accessing the Import Components menu
Accessing the Import Components menu

4. Click Start. A new message will pop-up.

5. Click Upload and select the file you want to import.

    Note: Files you import must have been exported from Brightspace or another compatible LMS.

6. Click Import All Components to import all items, or click or Advanced Options to import only selected items from your file.

    Note: If you import course components with names that already exist in the course, or you import multiple components with the same name, duplicate names will appear; they are not overwritten. For example, if your course contains a discussion topic called “Exam Review” and you import a course package that contains a discussion topic called “Exam Review”, your course will contain two topics called “Exam Review”.


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