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Use Case: Marking Attendance

Marking Attendance

You are welcome to use the attendance tool within Brightspace, or an external one, but there is a use case where you may want to do something with attendance info within Brightspace – for example, if attendance adds into a final grade/qualification, or you want to release badges for attending specific sessions.

You can use in person assignments to track attendance as these can connect to the gradebook, and an instructor can indicate learner attendance by pressing ‘complete’ next to each learner. 

How would you set up attendance that’s not graded?

  1. Create an attendance category in Assignments (make sure it is weighted at 0, or ‘exclude from final grade’), and then make it invisible. 
  2. Create ‘in person’ assignments per session date, and also make sure these are hidden from students – add these into your category.
  3. When you go into the assignment, just click the boxes next to each attendees name, and then click on the ‘Mark as complete’ item at the top.
  4. Depending on what action you want, you can use release conditions like ‘submitted (or not) to attendance folder 1’ to send out intelligent agents, release badges, or anything else really.

Grading Attendance

When it comes to grading attendance, your best option is actually to use a ‘floating’ (i.e. unattached) grade item.

With floating grade items, you simply create a category of grade items – add weighting or points depending on your gradebook setup – and then you can press the downward arrow and click grade. You will have to use some numeric system, and possibly also a grade scheme (e.g. 0 = Did not attend, 1= attended). You can hide the grade items so students don’t see them, or alternatively, let them see you’re marking attendance.

If you’re worried about having lots of grade items in your gradebook, you can simply ‘hide’ those columns by editing your personal display options.

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