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My MediaSite

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My Mediasite is a new video web portal that supports greater student engagement with learning content. Mediasite Mosaic is the accompanying recording software that allows you to record your desktop, camera and audio to produce screencasts and video lessons, and has replaced TechSmith Relay (as well as the older software, Mediasite Desktop Recorder).

My Mediasite will host these presentations, and has a Brightspace integration that allows you to embed content directly within courses. Presentations can be edited in the portal and can be enhanced by adding interactive features such as Q&A forums, polls, quizzes and annotations.

FAQ: Details such as how long videos will be retained on the site, how much storage space is allocated to each individual user, and other points relating to the acceptable use of the site can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions, and information will be updated there as things change over time.

Getting Started with My Mediasite

You can access My Mediasite directly, or via any Brightspace course by clicking on Tools > My Mediasite in the navbar. The steps below are quick start guides and link to more detailed pages on which you can find training resources and other information. These is also an FAQ which you will find in the sidebar menu.

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