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New Brightspace Editor

Updated on Tuesday, May 25th, 2021

* Due to a recently discovered product defect, the previous HTML Editor had been restored until D2L fixes the issue.

The old HTML Editor was updated on May 21st, 2021. The new Brightspace Editor includes the following improvements to existing features, as per the article published by D2L on the Brightspace Community website:
  • Refreshed formatting options
  • The Lato font type
  • A refreshed color picker
  • A refreshed font size menu
  • A comprehensive and standard emoticon menu
  • A comprehensive and refreshed Symbols menu
  • An advanced source code editor
  • A refreshed Tables feature, including data sorting
  • A refreshed Accessibility Checker
  • The Check Accessibility, HTML Source Editor, Preview, and Toggle Full Screen functionalities have now been placed in the top barHere is where you can find the main features after the update.

Here is where you can find the main features after the update:

1. Insert Stuff – Attach files from your computer or from within Brightspace, create video notes or add existing videos from YouTube, create links to, or embed, external web content, and create interactive activities (e.g. polls) using H5P.

2. Quicklinks – Create links to course Content pages, activities, grades and any other learner tools within your Brightspace course.

3. Insert Images – Upload images from your computer or from external websites.

4. Check Accessibility – Checks formatting and multimedia content to ensure that they meet accessibility standards (e.g. alt text on images, colour contrast).

5. HTML Source Editor – Allows you to view and edit the HTML code for the page, allowing for more advanced formatting if desired.


Stay tuned for more additions to the New Brightspace Editor in the coming months.


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