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Preparing a CSV (Excel) File for Uploading Grades into ACSIS

Preparing a CSV (Excel) File for Uploading Grades into ACSIS

Note:  The DLE team does not support ACSIS; ACSIS is supported by ITS.  Below you’ll find the steps required to prepare your .csv file from your gradebook in Brightspace for use in ACSIS.  ITS has further information and instructions explaining how to submit grades in ACSIS.  We have included direct links to ITS’ ACSIS support pages.

This article provides Instructors with step-by-step instructions describing how to prepare a .csv (Excel) file from the gradebook in Brightspace in preparation for submitting/uploading grades to ACSIS. This article contains links to ITS support pages for ACSIS as well.

Login to ACSIS

1. Go to algonquincollege.com/staff ACSIS for Staff can also be found under Tools within the myAC employee portal

2. Enter your employee number. If you don’t have this, contact the Human Resources department at extension 7660 or your Chair/Academic Manager.

3. Password (for first time log in): your employee number. (You will be prompted to change your password).  If you have trouble logging into ACSIS, send an email to ITS (Information Technology Services) at 5555@algonquincollege.com or call them at 613.727.4723 x5555.

Preparing the CSV (Excel) File in Brightspace

If you are comfortable with Excel .csv files or already use Excel to capture your course grades, this can be a time-saving option. 

Create an Excel (.csv) File of Your Grades

If you have used Excel to manage your grades throughout the semester, make sure that you save your Excel workbook (e.g. your .xlsx file) as a .csv file. You can do this via File > Save As and select the file extension .csv

From Within Brightspace

Alternately, if you have final grades in Brightspace, you can download these as a .csv file:

1. From the navbar select Grades.

2. On the Enter Grades page, click the Export button.

Image displays export button in enter grades section.
Export Button in Enter Grades

3. In the Export Options section, select the following options:

  1. From the Export Grade Items For drop down menu, leave the All users option selected if you want to export grade items for your entire classlist.  If you are exporting grades for a combined or AllSections course, the grades for each section of your course must be exported separately; in this case, select Sections from the drop down menu.  Click Apply.
  2. In Key Field leave the default, Org Defined ID, to identify users by their Student ID.
  3. In Grade Values select Grade Scheme (this will export your grades as letter grades). 
Image displaying options Instructors must choose when exporting grades as a .csv file from Brightspace
Export Options
  • In the Choose Grades to Export area, select the grade items you want to export (typically: Final Calculated Grade).
  • Click the Export to csv button
  • In the pop-up window, click Download
    Image displays final calculated grade option to export
    Choose Final Calculated Grade to Export

Once your file is saved to your computer, you’re now ready to upload your grades to ACSIS. For more information on how to upload your grades to ACSIS, please refer to ITS support documents.

Support for ACSIS and Other ACSIS Help Documents

ACSIS is supported by ITS. Please follow the tips and suggestions found on our How can I contact ITS page for more information on how to reach ITS for support.




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