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Providing Quiz Feedback

Providing Quiz Feedback

When grading your students’ quizzes, you have multiple ways of providing feedback. Also, your students have different ways of accessing the feedback, depending on the way you choose to enter your comments.

  1. Overall Feedback – general feedback for all the quiz attempts.
  2. Attempt Feedback – feedback provided for each quiz attempt.
  3. Question Feedback – feedback entered for each individual quiz question, for each student.

Overall Feedback

There are two ways to provide overall feedback, along with the grade for a quiz, regardless of the number of attempts your quiz allows:

a. Overall Feedback entered from Grades/Enter Grades
The feedback will automatically update in the Overall feedback text box available to you when you grade the quiz.

Want to save time? When you need to provide all students with the same overall feedback and have it personalized for some of them, while you are still here in Grade/Enter Grades, select all students’ names and click on the Add Feedback button. The comments entered here will populate the Overall feedback area for all those students.

b. Overall Feedback entered from Activities/Quizzes/Grade

When you grade the students’ quiz attempts from the Activities/Quizzes, select Grade from the contextual menu of the quiz. On the Users tab, you will see all students who have completed an attempt. Click on the Overall Grade (highest attempt) and then scroll down to the bottom. Here you will see details on the student’s quiz attempt(s) and also the feedback that you entered from the Grades.

How do students view the Overall Feedback? Students will access the overall feedback either from their Grade menu or from the Activities/Quizzes in the Evaluation Status column.

Attempt Feedback

If you allow your students to have one or multiple quiz attempts, you will have the option to provide feedback for each attempt.
From Activities/Quizzes, click on Grade from the contextual menu. The Users tab will display your students’ names and their quiz attempts. Click on the attempt (1, 2, 3, etc) you want to give feedback to and enter the comments in the Attempt Feedback text box. The Attempt drop-down list gives you the option to select different quiz attempts for the same student, while the arrows at the top of the screen allow you to move to the next student.

How do students view the Quiz Attempt Feedback? They need to go to Activities/Quizzes and click on the Feedback link in the Evaluation Status column and then on each Attempt link.

Feedback per Quiz Question

If you want to give feedback for individual quiz questions (for instance, for written response type of questions), then you will need to set up a different Submission View for your quiz, other than the default one. In the Submission View for the quiz, either “Show questions answer incorrectly”, “Show questions answered correctly”, or “Show all questions with user responses” must be selected.

How do students view the Feedback for Individual Questions? Students will need to go to Activities/Quizzes and click on the Feedback link from the Evaluation Status column. 

Note: For the type of feedback that requires students to go to Activities/Quizzes, the quiz (active or inactive) needs to be displayed on that page. 


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