Question Library

Question Library

The Question Library in Brightspace is an important tool that can help you manage Quizzes. In the Question Library Instructors can add and organize questions that will be later used in one or multiple quizzes across courses taught by the same Instructor.  We recommend using the Question Library as a way of keeping quiz questions organized (and editable) for future iterations of a course or for use on future quizzes.


If you are looking for instructions explaining how to create Question Pools within a quiz in your course, please refer to our article on Question Pools .

To access the Question Library from within your course in Brightspace:

1. Go to Activities > Quizzes.

2. At the top of the page, click on Question Library. A new page will load.

Within the Question Library you have the option to create new questions or import existing questions from either the Test Question Generator or pre-existing quizzes.

Accessing the Question Library
Accessing the Question Library

Option 1: Creating New Questions

Prior to creating questions in the Question Library, we recommend adding Sections to your Library to keep it organized.  Think of a Section as a file folder that houses a group of related/similar questions, such as all questions from Chapter 1, or all multiple choice-type questions.

3. Click on New > Section

4. Provide the Section with a distinctive title (e.g. Chapter 1, Quiz 1 MC, Quiz 1, Final Exam 2020).

5. Click Save.


The new Section will appear in the panel on the left.  You may also wish to create subsections.  To do this, click on the name of the

Section you just created. From within the previously created Section, create a new Section; this second Section will become a subsection. 


View of the Question Library with a Section and subsection created
View of the Question Library with a Section and subsection created

Adding Questions to a Section

6. Click on the newly created Section; a new page will load.

7. Click on New and select the type of question you’d like to create (multiple choice, true/false, written response, etc.).

8. Create the question as you would for a regular quiz.

9. Click Save.

10. Repeat these steps to fill your Section with questions.


Option 2: Importing Existing Questions from Test Question Generator

If you wish to import questions from the Test Question Generator but you’ve not yet used the Generator, please refer to our article on the Test Question Generator

3. Click on Import > Upload a file.

4. Click on Browse Files and select the .csv file you wish to use from your computer.


Word (.doc/.docx), and Portable Document Format (.pdf) files will not work! Please adhere to the (.csv) format provided by the Test Question Generator.

5. Click Upload. The questions will be generated automatically within the Section.

Option 3: Importing Existing Questions from an existing quiz

3. Click on Import > Browse Existing Questions. A panel will open.

4. In the top right corner click on the Source drop down menu and select the name of the quiz from which you wish to import your questions

Selecting source from existing quizzes
Selecting source from existing quizzes

5. Questions associated with the selected quiz will appear: select the questions you’d like to import into the Question Library

6. Click Save.


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