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Requesting a Merged or Combined Course

Requesting a Merged or Combined Course

If you are teaching more than one section of the same course, you can combine them into one single Brightspace shell, by emailing brightspace@algonquincollege.com.

There are two options:

1. Merge your course sections into an existing course shell:

For instance, if you teach 21F_ABC1234_010 and 21F_ABC1234_020, the 020 section will be merged into the 010. The 010 section will be renamed 121F_ABC1234_010_020 or 21F_ABC1234_AllSections. You and your students will have access only to one-course section.

Note: If you already have content in both sections, merging them will only transfer the student enrollment and not the content. It is recommended to ask for a merged course before the course begins.

2. Combine your course sections into a new course shell:

A new 21F_ABC1234_010_020 or 21F_ABC1234_AllSections course shell will be created for you.

Note: This option would work when multiple course sections are taught by multiple teachers. Students and teachers will have access to the combined course, at the same time with the individual section.


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