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The Export/Import Process for Turnitin Rubrics

The Export/Import Process for Turnitin Rubrics

A rubric allows the teacher to easily score the performance of an assignment against a set of criteria on a scale. The rubric is accessed within the rubric pane in the Document Viewer in Feedback Studio view.

It is useful to know that you have the option to save on your computer a copy of your Rubrics you manually created in the Turnitin Feedback Studio and this article demonstrates how to export this content from within Brightspace and import it back into Brightspace, without the need to login to the Turnitin website.

Steps to Export (download) a Turnitin Rubric

1. Navigate to one of your courses where you have an existing Turnitin Assignment with student submissions.

2. Go to Activities/Assignments and click on the chevron beside the name of the assignment. Choose View Submissions.

Assignment submission

3. Click on the View Originality Report for one student submission. This will launch the Feedback Studio.

Feedback Studio

4. Click on the Rubric/Form icon that will give you access to all the default Rubrics and the ones you manually created.

5. Click on Manage Rubrics and Grading Forms icon.

Manage Rubics

6. Use the menu icon in the top left corner to select the Rubric that you would like to download.


7. Click on the menu icon again.

8. Select the Download option from the menu. The Rubric will download to your device as a .rbs file.


    : If you need to download multiple Rubrics, repeat step 6 to step 8 for each rubric.

Steps to Import (upload) a Turnitin Rubric

When you are ready to mark an assignment using a Turnitin Rubric created by you and saved on your computer, follow the steps below in order to upload it to the Turnitin Feedback Studio:

1. Follow the step 1 to step 5 from the export (download) process above.

2. Click the menu icon in the top, left-hand corner of the Manage Rubrics and Grading Forms and select Upload Rubric/Grading Form.

upload rubric

3. Drag and drop your .rbc file(s) or browse to the location where you have your files stored. Note that you can upload more than one Rubric at the same time.

Upload rubric

4. If the Rubric was successfully imported, you will see a green check mark.

5. Click Close to go back to the Manage Rubrics and Grading Forms.

6. Now you are ready to use your Rubric (s).


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