User Roles

User Roles in Brightspace

Instructors may add people to their course. The roles they may choose are described in the table below.
For information on how to add users to your course visit our article Enrolling Users in a Course


User Roles in Brightspace

Role Permissions Who May Use This Role
Teacher Assistant
  • Upload content
  • Import and export course ability
Teaching Assistants
Course Copier
  • Can view all content
  • Copy from another Org Unit and Export course ability
Instructors copying content to another course
View Only Including Grades
  • Hidden in lists
  • Mostly read only
  • Some discussion permissions
  • Can manage news and calendar
  • Hidden in lists
  • LOR – read only
  • Can email students
  • View only to grades
Faculty who need to share view of grades
  • Visible in lists
  • Manage most tools in common org units
  • View broken link
  • Update status, start/end dates
  • Ability to enroll/unenroll in course
  • LOR – contribute access
  • Can email students
  • Visible in List
  • Contribute access to tools in common org units
  • LOR – Read Only
  • Copy of Student
Only use with TestStudent acccounts
  • Visible in List


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