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Use Case: Using Quizzes to Support Different Learning Models

Using Quizzes to Support Different Learning Models

You can use quizzes to support a variety of different learning modes depending on how you set them up, and how you fit them into the course’s narrative.

Competency based/Prior Learning assessment

Have a quiz at the beginning of a course to determine any prior knowledge and set them on the right path. You can use release conditions based on quiz score to fast forward users through to different stages of the course whilst keeping the cohort who need to start from the beginning where they are.

Retrieval Learning

Retrieval learning is a design process where you continue to reference things from previous units throughout the course so you don’t forget topics you’ve already covered. For example: At the end of Unit 1 you do a quiz on everything in Unit 1. At the end of Unit 2, you do a quiz on unit 2 and some questions from unit 1. At the end of unit 3, you do a quiz with questions from units 1, 2, and mostly 3.

If you use this style with a large pool of questions from each unit (and allow multiple attempts), it can be a great revision tool both during the course and whilst they’re preparing for a final assessment.

Pro Tip:

    Use leveled badges against score bands to encourage learners to reattempt the quiz.

Flipped classroom

Quizzes are a great way to flip the classroom – you can give learners some pre-reading and quiz questions to do before a face to face session, and then look at the question details report (shown below) to see what you should be focusing on in those sessions based on where the cohort’s knowledge is, or isn’t.

Image of the Question Details report - shows how many learners chose each answer on a quiz question

Depending on how you intend to use quizzes – formatively, or summatively, make sure you configure your Submission Views to show users their correct/incorrect answers.


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