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Using the Attendance Tool

Using the Attendance Tool

Use the Attendance tool to track attendance for your classes. You can view attendance results, and track users that have poor attendance.

Creating an Attendance Sheet

1. Click on Progress > Attendance in the navbar.

2. Click New Register (registers are collections of dates or events for which you wish to track attendance).

3. Enter a name for your register under Properties.

4. Enter a Cause for Concern percentage. This adds an icon next to students who don’t meet that percentage of attendance. (ie. 80% of classes)

5. Set user visibility and whether to include all users under Users.

6. Set the dates/events for which you want to track attendance under Sessions (this might include every week).

7. The default number of sessions is three, you can add more sessions by adding the number you want to increase these sessions in the “+ Add Sessions” box, then click on “+ Add Sessions”.

8. Click Save, then Close.

Entering Attendance

1. Click Progress > Attendance in the navbar.

2. Click the Register name.

3. Click the Enter Attendance icon next to the session name.

4. Enter the attendance for each student. The System Scheme allows you to enter P (Present) or A (Absent), and the In-Class Attendance allows you to enter the following codes:

P Present
A (E) Absent (Excused)
A (U) Absent (Unexcused)
L (E) Late (Excused)
L (U) Late (Unexcused)


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