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Using Upload/Create

Using Upload/Create

This article shows instructor how to add content to their course making use of the Upload/Create button.
To add content to your course do the following:

1. Go to Content in your course’s navbar

2. Click on the Module you’d like to add content to.

3. Click on Upload/Create and select the type of content to add.

Accessing the Upload/Create options within the Content
Accessing the Upload/Create options within the Content


The types of content to upload/create available are compiled below with their respective descriptions:

Options to Upload/Create

Item Description
Upload Files
This will allow you to upload a file from your computer. Generally a PDF, Word doc, Excel sheet, PowerPoint, etc. 

Video or Audio

This allows you to either upload video or audio files from you computer or Course Offering Files, or embed files from streaming services such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
Create a File
Creating a file creates a regular content page where you can input content in the form of text, images, links,etc.
Create a Link
This is to input a link to an external website or resource.
Add from Manage Files
Manage Files is synonymous with Course Offering Files. This allows you to add a file that already exists within the folder structure of your course – when you Upload Files (1), the file automatically gets put in your Manage Files.
Add Object from LOR
 The Learning Object Repository is a central repository that holds files from all over the institution.
New SCORM Object
This allows you to upload a SCORM object from your computer.
New Assignment
 This allows you to create a new Assignment.
We recommend, that you create new Assignments in the Assignment area (Activities > Assignment).
New Checklist
 Create a new checklist for learners to self-check to-do lists.
New Discussion
This allows you to create a new Discussion.
We recommend,  that you create new Discussions in the Discussion area (Activities > Discussions).
New Quiz
 This allows you to create a new Quiz.
We recommend, that you create new Quizzes in the Quiz area (Activities > Quizzes).
New Survey
 This allows you to create a new Survey.
We recommend you create new Surveys by navigating to Tools > Course Admin > Surveys.



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