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Video Notes in Brightspace


Video Notes in Brightspace

What is a Video Note?

Video Notes help you add personalized interaction in your course, by recording a brief video within your Brightspace course, using your computer/laptop’s webcam, without the need for special software or downloading/uploading files. Video notes are limited to 3o minutes in length. They can be added anywhere you have access to the HTML text editors, which are found in course activities, course modules’ descriptions, discussions, quizzes and assignment instructions, and more.

Important: Students can record video notes in discussion threads and replies, as well as in other locations where they have access to the HTML editor when creating and submitting work in Brightspace

Where and How can I use a Video Note?

You can use Video Notes to:

  • Provide feedback to your students
  • Offer a quick reminder about something important, by using a video note in an announcement
  • Add a description to a Module or a Topic in the Content area
  • Provide instructions when creating an assignment, using the Assignment Tool
  • Provide  feedback on students’ assignments
  • Give a description of a new topic in discussions
  • Give students feedback in the GradeBook

How do I record a Video Note in a Course Announcement?

Navigate to your course and click on New Announcement, as you would usually create a new announcement.

1. In the HTML editor, type the content of the announcement, when you are ready to record, click the Insert Stuff icon

Image of the "Inser Stuff" tool

Click on the “Insert Stuff” tool in order to start creating a video note


2.   Select the Add Video Note from the list of options

Choose the “Add video Note” option after you click on the “Insert Stuff” tool

3.  Click the New Recording button to begin recording. Note that you have up to 30 minutes.

Recording a new video note

Click on the “New recording” to start recording a video note (up to 30 minutes)

a. By default, after you click on the Add Video Note option, you will be presented with the option to Record Webcam video.

b. Before clicking on the New Recording button, make sure your webcam is open.

c. If you already have a video previously recorded, with your phone, for instance, you can upload the video by clicking on the Upload File tab.

Click on the “Upload File” tab if you already have a video recorded


4. Click Stop Recording to finish the recording.  If you are satisfied with the recording, click Next


Click on “Stop Recording” once you finished your video message


You can customize the recording, by adding a title and a video description (this would make it easier for you to figure out the content of a video note when you need to reuse it).  Also, in the Audio Language drop-down menu, choose the appropriate language.

To generate closed captions, check the Automatically generate captions from audio check box.


5. Click Next. You may preview your video again at this point if you wish.


How can I reuse existing Video Notes?

A good example of an instance when you might want to reuse a video note is if you have recorded a video that you want to add to your welcome announcement in several of your courses. You can record it in
one course, then easily search for and add it to new announcements in your other courses.

Follow these steps in order to reuse an existing Video Note:

1. Navigate to your course where you would like to reuse a video note.

2. If you would like to reuse the video note under a course module, navigate to that course module and then click on Upload/Create button and then on Create a File option

3. In the HTML text editor, locate the Insert Stuff icon.

4. Select Video Note Search.

Click on the “Video Note Search” option and reuse an existing video note


5.  Type the name of the video you would like to insert in this area and then click Search.  You can also perform a blank search to see all search results.


Click on “Search” to get access to all your previous recorded Video Notes


6. Select the video you would like to reuse and click Next

7. Once you Preview the video, click Insert

8. Click on Update or Save at the bottom of the screen.


Can students record video notes?

Yes, students can record video notes in discussion threads and replies, as well as in other locations where they have access to the HTML editor when creating and submitting work in Brightspace. However, be mindful of the fact that students use a variety of computers and devices that may or may not have built-in (or correctly installed) webcams.


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